Established in 2014, Mozilla Hive KC Learning Community has emerged as a dynamic force for learning and engagement. Hive KC is a open network of youth-serving organizations, educators, teachers, schools, museums, and cultural institutions across the city. Our vision is to activate a national gigabit ecosystem that moves next-generation technology out of labs and into classrooms.

Kansas City, as the original Google Fiber city, has proved itself as a living laboratory for gigabit development. The city has also become a test-case for what development in future cities can and should look like. Mozilla supports this experimentation ecosystem as part of our larger commitment to web literacy, exploring how next-generation networks like Kansas City’s can create new opportunities to build and explore on the web in classrooms, libraries, museums and other learning spaces.

Our approach to taking gig discoveries out of the lab and into the field is multi-pronged –

First, we’re supporting the development and piloting of gig apps and associated curricula through the Gigabit Community Fund.
Second, we’re catalyzing the adoption, spread and scale of these innovations through the Hive KC Learning Community.
And, finally, we’re leveraging the international reach of Mozilla to broadcast those successes across other Hive cities and beyond.

Hive KC is a growing network of community leaders and organizations, including museums, libraries, code clubs, advocacy groups, higher education institutions, after school programs, and tech start-ups. Together, they create equitable and accessible opportunities for young people to explore their interests and gain skills that prepare them for success in the information age.

Hive’s networked approach creates a platform through which to scale and spread innovations springing from the Gigabit Community Fund and from other digital literacy programs here in Kansas City, both across the city and to other Hive cities across the globe.

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